Saturday, July 9, 2011

I hate this time of year...

We'll, we're right in the thick of the heat.  I live in the North, but it still typically gets in the '90s during the summer.  I am still as stubborn as I ever was, so I go out in the morning to do the stuff that needs to be done.  Maybe it's a man thing.  I feel inadequate if I don't do the yard work and other things that should get done.

The problem is that I go out at 8:30 in the morning and it's already too hot.  I ruin my day and am completely worthless, but won't go and just take a nap to make it all better.  I have serious issues (that aren't related to MS.  I assume I'm not the only one.  My wife does a lot, and is a great mom, so I feel compelled to not let her down.  She isn't let down and tells me that all of the time.  I just need to take up drinking or smoking crack or something...

Incidentally, I have had some luck with ginkgo.  I imagine that a lot of you take it, but I noticed a pretty big difference when I started taking it in the morning (as opposed to with an evening meal).  Highly recommended.  As I've said numerous times, every little thing you can do to improve how you feel - or even just how you THINK you feel, gets you closer to that "feel better threshold."  What have any of us got to lose?

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